Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

I think much of decency. How to pass a plate. Not to shout from one room to another. Not to open a closed door without knocking. Let a lady pass. The aim of these endless simple rules is to make life better. I pay close attention to my manners. Etiquette matters. It’s a simple and comprehensible language of mutual respect.

~ Jack Nicholson





  1. It does matter. Not sure I would equate it with respect though. One can be very genuinely respectful and not know how to act with etiquette. Or, all the etiquette in the world and no shred of respect!

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  2. Ahhh, manners, the lubricant that greases the wheels of civil society. Sadly, these days they seem like an afterthought for many.

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  3. WLS…yes, yes and long sigh 😔

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  4. universally understood and appreciated.

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  5. You hit the nail on the head!

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  6. And I’d like to revive “you’re welcome” in response to “thank you”. “No problem” every time just doesn’t work…

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  7. Etiquette, manners…that all matters, he’s so right. But I’m loving your inspiration here, DK, “Quick, Mr. President, to the dictionary”…Humility. If only…

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  8. I agree, although the spokesperson is unlikely.

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  9. Jack as teacher of etiquette? Lol, only in America can such as this be! He’s right, though.

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  10. I think this is one reason I like the British so much. Even when they’re snarky, it’s with such aplomb you think it’s a compliment.

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  11. One of my favourite actors. So glad he has some common sense and good manners.

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  12. It simply amazes me that we have plenty of apologists for the behavior of our POTUS. It’s unacceptable to me and unbecoming of someone in his position. HELP!

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  13. . Etiquette matters, agree. Some people in general may posses manners though they lack a sincerity. I think of a tv character for illustration, Eddie Haskell of “Leave It To Beaver” /// I think Jack Nicholson is an amazing actor, his timing is interesting…

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  14. How much more pleasant the day is when we each treat each other respectfully. Etiquette makes a HUGE impression on me… 😉

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