the beauty of the clavicle

Only she who has breast-fed
knows how beautiful the ear is.
Only they who have been breast-fed
know the beauty of the clavicle…

~ Vera Pavlova, in “If There is Something to Desire: One Hundred Poems.”



  1. Beautifully written!

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  2. So true! It was my favourite time with my babies 🎀

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  3. it has all be crafted to perfection. a perfect fit, a perfect understanding.

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  4. No sensation on earth comes close. None! I still find them in the same spot sometimes. Even the 6’5′, 240 pounds one.

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  5. For me it was the most natural, precious act of giving..awestruck that in my arms was such a beautiful gift.. I was .cuddling, soothing,and nurturing this beautiful, miraculous miracle, such a tiny jewel, my little premie…and I remember the touch of her delicate little hands and those sweet eyes looking into mine…and how I would gently burp her as I stood swaying back and forth,murmuring sweet, soft words into her ear, while watching the racoon mommy and her babies across the field on the neighbors deck, they were dancing in the moonlight…and I know what an honor it is to have the responsibility of nurture…

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  6. adding this: the beauty of the rhythm of life…

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  7. LOVE.

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