It’s been a long day

I was interrupted. People – People. – Phone. – Phone. – Endless. And I am so tired. – :And I would like to sleep under trees – Red ones – Blue ones – Swirling passionate ones – It has been a broken up day – … All fine – but I so damnably tired – I…found I had failed –

~ Alfred Stieglitz · [New York City] ·  June 30, 1917, from My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz



  • Photo: National Geographic (December 18, 2015) Photographing autumn foliage in Kyoto, Japan. Aurora Simionescu came upon these illuminated paper umbrellas in a stand of bamboo trees at Kodaiji Temple. But capturing this image of the display wasn’t easy. “Illuminated traditional paper umbrellas were scattered throughout the temple grounds as a part of [the autumn illumination] festival,” she explains, “but I especially liked how they broke the monotony of the bamboo forest by adding a splash of color.
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  1. beautiful –

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  2. It’s been a long year and we haven’t passed the hump yet. August being the hump of the year.

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  3. If you woke the next morning and were able to see and hear and walk, you have not failed. A thinker, David!

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  4. gouparchery says:

    its so fun

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  5. Other than locking themselves in a soundproof room, where do New Yorkers for absolute quiet?

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  6. Well, I didn’t fail today, as I drove almost 1,000 miles today with the puppy…16 hours, but we made it 👍

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  7. Beautiful picture. 🍃🍀

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  8. Indeed…

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  9. Majestic indeed. Awesome picture. Loved the way you described.

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  10. Gorgeous pairing of picture and verse. Well done, sir!

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  11. good

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  12. Beautiful words matched by a perfect photo. We never fail David because there is always tomorrow. ☺☺

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