Bike Ride Anyone?

A thesis could be written on the rigours of the Tour de France, but Poljanski’s photo, showing legs riven with veins that look poised to burst and skin frazzled by the sun, says it all.

“After sixteen stages I think my legs look little tired,” the cyclist wrote on Instagram alongside the picture.

Dr Bradley Launikonis, from the University of Queensland’s School of Biomedical Science, explained what happens to the legs during long-distance cycling. “The amount of blood that we get normally going down to our legs is five litres per minute, for anyone at rest. For an untrained athlete, their maximum exercise will have 20 litres per minute flowing through the muscles.”

The 27-year-old Polish cyclist, who rides for Bora–Hansgrohe, is currently 75th in the general classification, after finishing 66th in the 16th stage between Le Puy-en-Velay and Romans-sur-Isere.

~ Chris Graham, ‘That can’t be healthy’: Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski’s photo reveals the ravages of Tour de France (The Guardian, July 19, 2017)

Source: Photo – Pawel Poljanski via Your Eyes Blaze Out. Quote: The Guardian:


  1. Geez – I could barely get past the photo!

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  2. Dear God. I have thought many times in passing about the physical demands of the Tour de France, but have never really *visualized* the effects. Can’t say I’ll ever forget them now, though. As I think about it, wouldn’t this be an interesting photo series…the biker’s legs, a ballerina’s feet, a rock climber’s hands, etc. ‘Up close and personal’ with the lengths to which some push their bodies. Wow…

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  3. Anonymous says:


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  4. I agree….that can’t be healthy.

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  5. His quote…”the legs, a little tired” ??? Really.

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  6. good

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  7. Yikes! And the age-old question, why?

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  8. Suddenly, I think my legs don’t look so bad anymore.

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  9. Wow, shocking!

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  10. I never knew we had that many veins in our legs. Ouch!!! His legs are going to thank him or punish him 50 or 40 years from now. ☺☺☺

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  11. it is amazing what the human body is capable of. incredible.

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  12. OMG! That’s horrendous!

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  13. I was trying to figure out if this is even real. Oh my. Thanks for sharing! Light and Love, Shona

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  14. hobbyie says:

    Legs picked up the road map.

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  15. That is quite ~ awful. A “little” tired, he says…

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