Singer-songwriter Lucy Rose, 28, from Warwickshire, England releases her new single ‘Moirai’, the fourth track from her new album ‘Something’s Changing’. This rendition was performed live with her band for Burberry Acoustic in St James’ Church in Islington. London-based Rose chose the venue herself, having discovered it when, passing by, she heard people playing music and singing inside.


  1. I always admired people who could sing and play piano at the same time, especially if it’s a little off beat. It’s a bit like patting your head and rubbing your stomach and then switching. She has a good voice. Very talented lady.


  2. Very impressive…

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  3. Beautiful…

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  4. Beautiful.
    I wish I could play too.
    Last night, after a very busy shift, 7-8 of us sat around sharing beers and sandwiches and one of the guys sat down at the piano. Didn’t know he played and so well! A few of us said we wished we could too…

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