Fast Car 1 or Fast Car 2?

Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” was the Song of the Year in 1989 (28 Years Ago!).

Here’s Tracy Chapman (1989) vs. Passenger/Michael David Rosenberg with his Cover (July 2, 2017).


  1. I love this song.Very poignant but lyrically rich .Thanks for making my day.

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  2. I love this song.Very poignant but lyrically rich.Thanks for making my day


  3. Fast Car 1
    Tracy Chapman ( All.The.Way)

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  4. 28 years ago?! OMG! Where did they go? I love the original. The new one is “nice” but it’s very seldom a remake is better than the original. I’ll stick with Tracy Chapman.

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  5. Original!

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  6. Tracy Chapman…

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  7. Christie says:

    I hadn’t heard of Tracy Chapman until two years ago…I heard her “Give Me One Reason” and covered it, live… TC is so soulful…You might enjoy this cover of “Fast Cars” by the amazing Sam Smith…

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  8. Dated. Because. My girls sang that song when they were little. Wow. So I like the original and have a few of TC’s cd’s. But I also like the 2nd.

    On another note, never liked Springsteen – didn’t do it for me. But this gal does a couple of his songs I cannot find decent links for. Anyhow, if you’ve not heard of her, this non-Bruce one seems like something you might like:

    Cheers, David.

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  9. Tracy Chapman sings with such depth, every word is utterly believable. I do prefer Tracy’s version. Though, I don’t believe for a moment David, its been 28 years. 🙂

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  10. wow, tracy – and 28 years ago, really?

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  11. The second version is good but it doesn’t quite capture the melancholy of the original. Thanks for the flashback – that was one of the first CDs I ever bought, along with Terence Trent D’Arby’s Hardline. Do you remember his Wishing Well?

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  12. Tracy.
    I love how everyone is sharing their tunes. It’s like Christmas.

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  13. Passenger is lovely and should continue singing his songs… His version is pretty and all, but does not hold a candle to Tracey Chapman’s. Her’s, we feel. His, is just sweet.

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  14. Wow. I am a “red hot heart” Tracy Chapman fan. Never heard her live but play her songs over & over so I can sing-a-long as I drive. At times I need to pull over to let my feels flow into tears. Never told a soul before today that she moves me to my core. 🙏 Deborah T-F

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  15. Correction: feelings

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