Everyone thinks

they have the best dog in the world.

None of them are wrong.

~ Shower Thoughts

Photo: (via Newthom)


  1. Well actually, I have the best dogs in the world – really…πŸ˜‰

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  2. This is true!πŸ˜„

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  3. I definatly had the best dog ever

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  4. Lol! It’s true!

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  5. Most dogs would be happy to share the title. Humans on the other hand, not so much.

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  6. so true, and i’m sure you still miss the best dog in the world.

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  7. Peggy Farrell says:

    Couldn’t agree more….

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  8. I love it. I’ve been blessed throughout my life with many wonderful dogs. Thank you for the reminder.

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  9. Zeke was the best dog in the world.
    Maggie Mae was the best dog…
    Babe was the very best…
    Z-Z is the best dog in the world.
    In the musical words and song of gospel composer Jester Harrison…
    “Amen. Amen. Amen.”

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  10. All that to say: True Story.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Truth…for sure. And an amazing photo !!

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  12. That is so true.✌

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  13. So true. Mine was the best. Beautiful photo.

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  14. I still miss my Frankie, the world’s greatest dog. Chatting with Hubbs the other day we commented on a growing lottery pot — daydreaming we talked openly about “what if.” His answer was easy and predictable ~ quit the job and golf. Mine? Quit the job, get 2 (not 1 but 2) dogs, walk and play with them everyday and read. ~Sigh. Someday I’ll have another furry friend but I travel too much right now … great quote and beautiful photo! MJ

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  15. Beautiful dog. The expression in his eyes is priceless.

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