Have I?

This coming Sunday, in homes across the nation, millions of American men will awake to the arrival of breakfast in bed. Prepared and served by their children, these Father’s Day repasts convey appreciation as well as contributing to the general bonhomie of the day to come. But as he sips his coffee from his “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, even the most obtuse father has to ask himself: Have I been the man my children deserve?

~ William McGurn, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Father’s Day, wsj.com, June 12, 2017

Photo by Julien Stenger


  1. I think every parent arguably poses that question pretty regularly. Today though, enjoy the day – and ask tomorrow. Happy Dad’s day, my friend…

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  2. The answer from every daughter and son will be a yes.

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  3. A great and important question!

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  4. Reblogged this on The Camerist's Collection and commented:
    A question, too important, not to reblog! Thanks David Kanigan for the blogpost!

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  5. Only the good ones doubt. The great ones ask out loud. Happy Father’s day David.

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  6. If you’re self-aware enough to ask, you’re halfway home. Just look at R and E — the way they turned out speaks volumes. Happy Father’s Day, pal!

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  7. A thought not reserved for just one day a year.

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  8. good to reflect on what every parent ponders at times – happy father’s day, dk –

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  9. The older I get, the older they get, the more I ask it…

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  10. Children don’t come with instructions but it sounds like you put it together beautifully. Happy Father’s Day, David and to all the great dads on this comment page. ☺☺

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  11. That is a great question, but luckily you (and we) know the answer. Happy Father’s Day, David!

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  12. Well written reflection; YES and THANK YOU=HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!
    I wish we as a society see what we do to our Father’s and Dad’s as they go out and slay dragons for us and even men have to deal with the good old boys as they had dreams, got married, family started arriving! Great to tell your parents while living how awesome they are and give HONOR to them, hugs and kisses everyday, not just one day! Thinking of over 200 family/friends showing up to Father’s Day Picnic/ Barbeque celebrating.

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  13. Peggy Farrell says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Dave!

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  14. I would have given the hubby breakfast in bed since there were no kids present, but he got up before I did!

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  15. I think all parents ask themselves these questions. We won’t know the answers till our children are grown and have kids of their own, I suspect. Or we may be lucky and be told by our kids one day that “You know what Dad/Mom? I really appreciate my childhood and what you gave me.
    Or not.
    Happy Father’s Day, David. I betcha “ya done alright”…

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  16. Terrific quote. Vital question (not to answer, but to ask).
    Done a bit of the ol’ dad-reflection meself recently.

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  17. Indeed.


  18. wish you and all dads all good!

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