The glowing screens need a gargantuan diet

29. …The glowing screens need a gargantuan diet in order to distract mankind and destroy consciences….

43.  For some years now there has been a constant onslaught of images, lights, and colors that blind man. His interior dwelling is violated by the unhealthy, provocative images of pornography, bestial violence, and all sorts of worldly obscenities that assault purity of heart and infiltrate through the door of sight.

44. The faculty of sight, which ought to see and contemplate the essential things, is turned aside to what is artificial. Our eyes confuse day and night because our whole lives are immersed in a permanent light. In the cities that shine with a thousand lights, our eyes no longer find restful areas of darkness… To a large extent, humanity has lost an awareness of the seriousness of sin…

~ Cardinal Robert Sarah, excerpts from “The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise” (April, 2017).

Smartphone Gif Photo: Grizzly Street


  1. Wow.

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  2. Bam 💥

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  3. so sad.

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  4. Oof, I’d love to send this to someone who really needs to do a self-check, but it’s unlikely he will do so in the near future. Always talking about ‘the other guy’ and missing the boat entirely. Addictions are like that, I think. Nothing more entrancing than an iPhone screen, I guess.

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  5. Amen!
    When you do away with the supernatural, all that’s left is the unnatural.-G.K. Chesterton
    Not recognizing the truth of sin and its resolution through penance, opens the door to endless psychoanalysis.

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