It’s been a long day

God has mercifully ordered that the human brain works slowly;
first the blow,
hours afterwards the bruise.

Walter de la Mare, from the The Return.



  1. Ouch!

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  2. tough one –

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  3. As long as it’s something a good night sleep can take care of. The ultimate mercy!

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  4. Gosh– this was intense!

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  5. Interesting post 😉

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  6. Sometimes too much time between the two… this is a really tough one…

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  7. The seeping hematoma that quietly corrupts gray matter until it’s too late.

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  8. Christie says:

    Dealing with pain, is never easy…sometimes I wonder how difficult it must be to be a doctor…bringing the new reality to a patient and// or their family…how the information given, impacts…sometimes it is a wait and see, hour by hour…the watchful delay can bring hope, devastation or a worry, spreading to out-pour of heart, gut and empathy anguish…the anguish spreading unchecked like a cancer…///or an ice skater, hockey player feeling the impact of meeting the ice with full force, the pain immediate, the deep breaths in and out, the teeth clinching, the outward evidence seen by the eyes comes, later… having migrated outwardly from inside…a way of purging.. healing and.recovery …there is an ordered process,,,and for some their mind gets stuck in pain mode…and focus is diverted, as the mind wrestles…hoping for victory over the pain…

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  9. Christie says:

    And God gives, comfort, grace, wisdom and strength…through all our days…// /the emotional pain is implanted and not stationary…it dances, spins, lunges and jabs in the mind, heart and soul…and with each gift of a breath, closer to transitioning toward acceptance and at times, forgiveness… the past can’t be changed, you’ve survived…and the person has gain from the experience, in a life, that is a work in progress…

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