Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Coffee anyone?

Photo: Patty Maher with Concentric Circles


  1. Second cup, please

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  2. Since moving to Switzerland, I have to admit that I have become a coffee snob. The coffee here is so good. Strong and with a nice crema on the top. When I go back to Canada, I find that the coffee borders on the undrinkable!

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  3. am i awake or still dreaming? )

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  4. Tea please! ☕️🍰

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  5. Enjoying my first cup now, thank you!

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  6. christinesat says:

    Me please. It’s cold and raining here, the coldest springtime since years. A good, hot coffee would be very nice, with cream and cinnamon please… I think I’ll get myself one… NOW.

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  7. Just finishing up my first cup… off the make my second. Great way to start the day!
    Chin! Chin!

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  8. Christie says:

    The image to me suggests, “Tea for Two”…/// I don’t drink coffee…I do enjoy listening to this sultry tune sung by the steamy Julie London, “Black Coffee” and yes she was Dixie McCall in Emergency 51, she had a long acting career prior to that ,..

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  9. Yes, please. With cream and sugar. Thank you!

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  10. Do you know of Second Cup Cafes in Canada. I know they are here in Montréal. Don’t know about the rest of the country.

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  11. Christie says:

    Since it is May Day are you picking flowers? or giving flowers to someone anonymously? You must be enjoying a vacation day…

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  12. YES, planting flowers and giving flowers.

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  13. Tea for me thank you. ☺☺

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