Saturday Morning


But this morning, a kind day has descended, from nowhere,

and making coffee in the usual day, measuring grounds
with the wooden spoon, I remembered,

this is how things happen, cup by cup, familiar gesture
after gesture, what else can we know of safety

or of fruitfulness?

– Marie Howe, excerpt from “From Nowhere” in The Good Thief: Poems

Notes: Poem Source: via violentwavesofemotion. Photo: Cup Tasting by Jürg Balsiger


  1. The comfort of the familiar – from making coffee, to inhaling the smells of the morning, hearing the quiet – the evolution of a perfect, gentle day. Good morning, pal

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  2. Always cup by cup. Why am I so impatient? 🙄

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  3. Post by post 😉

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  5. WMS, WMS! And for me these last couple of weeks, add the gentle sound of birdsong and a light breeze ruffling the palm fronds. Such a nice way to ease into one’s day….

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  6. The magic of ordinary tasks.

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  7. warm sip by warm sip

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  8. Usual Day? Or Way? ♡
    Diana xo

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