Miracle. All of it.

Each fork in the road: the choice to stay home, to go out, to catch the flight, or cancel it, to take the 1 train, to stop at the bar on the corner. The chance encounters, split-second decisions that make the design — that are the design. […] Change even one moment, the whole thing unravels. The narrative thread doesn’t stretch in a line from end to end, but rather, spools and unspools, loops around and returns again and again to the same spot. Come closer now and listen. Be thankful for all of it. […] A coup de foudre: a bolt of lightening. You would not have your bright and sunny boy. There is no other life than this. You would not have stumbled into the vastly imperfect, beautiful, impossible present.

~ Dani Shapiro, Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage


  • Credits: Photo by Atsushi Korome (via mennyfox55). Quote: Brainpickings
  • Post Inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
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  1. i love this. (Have you ever seen ‘sliding doors?’)

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  2. You have a gift of pulling beautiful objects and images and words together. It truly is a gift, always brings me to pause.

    Happy Easter Sunday!

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  3. “Change even one moment, the whole thing unravels.” Perfect. I believe in those chance encounters and impulsive decisions. Life.

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  4. I couldn’t agree more. Life is a series of decisions, choices, paths taken. Some people waste their time feeling they’ve made/taken the wrong ones….sad, really. So much better to go with the flow created by you and yours!
    Happy Easter, David!

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  5. Such a beautiful evocation of life’s quixotic nature. Thanks for providing such hearty ‘grist for the mill’ on this Easter morning, pal. Have a beautiful day….

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  6. WLS…perfect – full stop.

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  7. So true. I just need to look back to see how I wound up here on the beach next to the salt marsh…a crooked path, long string of chance encounters, decisions…design on the go. Thanks for this great share, David. Happy Easter.

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  8. Love this David and am very grateful for every spool, loop and thread in my Life! ♡
    Diana xo

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  9. We make our way through life by making decisions almost every moment of our lives. Some are small choices, some much more weight bearing, but for the most part we choose our path in life (allowing for the constraints we’re under). And yet, there is always “The Path Not Taken” to keep us wondering.

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  10. This also reminded me of the movie Sliding Doors. We just never know how life would be different if we made different choices along the way. 💛

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  11. Have always loved this line of thinking…one aurhor I came across recently referred to it as the many lives thinking. All the possibilities are at once exciting and overwhelming. But I like the one that worked out!

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  12. Love love this. So much is trust and saying “yes.” Be thankful for all of it. […]

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  13. We are exactly where we are meant to be. Hard to always believe that. Sliding doors is great 😀

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  14. Wow. This one takes my breath away. The seeming randomness actually being the design. I know this in the back of my brain, but to see it in writing…Thoughts to ponder for sure.

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  15. Sometimes impulvise decision are good.

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