With every click of the shutter,
you’re only trying to press pause on your life.
If only so you can feel a little more comfortable moving on
living in a world stuck on play…

Source: Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


  1. Yes. Yes!
    Though the ultimate capture is engraved, forever, on our Souls.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    MORII ….

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  3. Oh man… Now I’m tormented…

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  4. Life never stays still, but we keep trying to hold it. Loved this, so true.. 🌿

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  5. This made me pause 💛
    There are many moments too intimate to capture on camera, that I can still play over in my memory. Those are the ones engarved forever in our hearts.

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  6. this is so very true. we try to string together and hold on to our stories with these snaps.

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  7. That is why I miss my phone and its camera. I dropped it in the toilet St. Patties Day (I know you read about THAT). I could care less about calling people — I miss taking pictures of the world around me in the moment. For I look back at those moments and am filled with love and eternity.

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  8. I remember sitting in my parents living room. Blank wall at the ready. The click of the carousel as the slide show began. Today, I sit at my computer, thousands of photos at my fingertips, images refreshing moments and memories. With the touch of a button I can share that memory. I LOVE photos. I love technology and I love this post.

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  9. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just to share with others the extraordinary beauty that my eyes are fortunate to behold. My natural inclination is still to simply be part of whatever experience I am having. The pause is a frequent and familiar necessity. ❤

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  10. Capturing time we will never get back!

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