T.G.I.F.: Does this bird make my butt look big?

Source: Lilac Breasted Roller bird sitting on a zebra from NajivuniaKuwaMkenya‏ (via Cheetah Camp).


  1. love. and the color looks brilliant on you !

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  2. No not at all! Happy Friday 🎉😎

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  3. If it weren’t for the widening stripes, you’d have to say no!

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  4. Ha!

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  5. roseanne333 says:

    Very cute!

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  6. What a great image for Friday! They say you can mix patterns if you stay in the same colour mix… I dunno about this one…Kinda like adding a throw cushion, Oh wait! It works because we’re not focusing on your butt!!

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  7. LOL Yep.

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  8. Not at all, you’re a neutral color so it gives you a punch of color.
    However, I wouldn’t use a Peacock. ☺☺☺

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  9. Cute! That is one fabulous tail too!

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  10. Lovely capture 👍

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