Saturday Morning


But we had long ago shed our busyness. The basic measure of time, the tempo around which we arranged ourselves, the water lapping, the sky slowly changing from paper white to cobalt blue, was the tempo of boating retirees. Or maybe it was the tempo of firebrand revolutionaries on a wildcat strike against industry. Either way, we were Not Working. We had desynchronized from productive time frames. My chronic sense of being late for some appointment dissolved. I heard the clicking of the musician’s shutter and looked up to see the western grebe stretching and spreading its wings. Then the western grebe retracted its wings and went back to floating.

~ Kyo Maclear, Birds Art Life: A Year of Observation 



  1. Gorgeous back ground colour. Really makes your subject stand out.

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  2. And today, Dave? I hope you float..

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  3. aaaaahhhhhhhhh…..

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  4. Then time stops!

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  5. OK, you did it. Now I have it. Next to Upstream and The Secret Life of Trees on my Kindle.

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  6. Ah, to float … how I wish.
    That’s a beautiful picture. The contrast between the grebe’s plumage and the orange background is just perfect.

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  7. Linda!!! Fantastic!!!

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  8. More floating, less busyness 🚣🏼

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  9. I felt a sigh of relief just seeing

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  10. This is a great quote! I remember feeling this way when I lived in the Virgin Islands for a summer. My return to America was painful.
    The picture is stunning.
    Thank you

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