the simplicity, flexibility and tactility of the page


“Sometimes, I just want to get rid of all the technology and sit down in a quiet space with a pen and paper,” she says. “There are so many apps out there and I feel like no one app gives me everything that I need. I’ve tried and really given them a go, doing those to-do lists of having your priorities or brain storming using lots of different apps … [but] when I get a pen and paper, or when I’m using my old-fashioned diary and pen, it just feels more flexible to me. I can always pull it out. I can focus.”

Angela Ceberano is anything but a technophobe. A digital native with a strong social-media presence, she splits her time between traditional and new media, and between Australia and San Francisco.  For certain tasks, she just prefers the simplicity, flexibility and tactility of the page.  But instead of spreadsheets and fancy smartphone apps, the Melbourne, Australia-based founder of public relations firm Flourish PR, uses notepads, an old-fashioned diary, coloured pens and a stack of magazines.

~ Alison Birrane, from Why paper is the real ‘killer app’

Photo of Moleskine Notebook by extrasist0le


  1. Rachel has been telling you the same thing!

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  2. Paper and a fountain pen… my time alone with my thoughts.

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  3. The pen..mightier than the keyboard ?

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  4. Girlfriend is singin’ my song!!

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  5. I wonder if using pen and paper connects us to the past and our curious and imaginative inner child…. and if the future generation will not have that association or inclination … xo

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  6. Paper, perfectly sharpened pencils and favorite felt-tip pens.
    No automatic pencils!

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  7. Yes I agree. Although I use a PC or laptop 95% of the time for my work and leisure writing, sometimes I just pick up a pen and notebook.

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  8. roseanne333 says:

    I love this….pens, papers, inks, watercolors – anything I can feel and touch and I’m in my happy place. My darling husband keeps trying to convince me of the beauty of iCal. NEVER! I love to see it, write it, draw it.

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    • Smiling. Based on the emotion in this comment, I can see you are a lover of paper. Your energy reminds me of the “octane” in this quote:

      Dylan Thomas is that rare thing, a poet who has it in him to allow us, particularly those of us who are coming to poetry for the first time, to believe that poetry might not only be vital in itself but also of some value to us in our day-to-day lives. It’s no accident, surely, that Dylan Thomas’s “Do not go gentle into that good night” is a poem which is read at two out of every three funerals. We respond to the sense in that poem, as in so many others, that the verse engine is so turbocharged and the fuel of such high octane that there’s a distinct likelihood of the equivalent of vertical liftoff. Dylan Thomas’s poems allow us to believe that we may be transported, and that belief is itself transporting.

      ~ Paul Muldoon, Introduction to “The Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas” (New Directions, 2010)

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  9. Simple, flexible, easy. It’s meant to be that way. 😬

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  10. ah, yes. the pen. the paper. yes. sensory porn.

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  11. This would be me, also. First drafts are all pen to paper. I forgot my phone on my last trip to the movies, and pulled out my little spiral notebook to jot thoughts instead of playing Cookie Jam before the previews–an old, old practice pushed aside by the numbing of games. It was like coming home.

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