MORE! (esp. Now)


“A huge print in black and white, ‘More Poetry Is Needed’ sits on the wall of a shopping centre in Swansea, United Kingdom. The wall art greets the city centre goers, allowing them to appreciate the idea that ‘Everybody and everywhere could do with more poetry.'”

Source: Book Mania!


  1. i absolutely love this. love public art. love the message. would love this on a t-shirt i would wear.

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  2. In times of tumult
    And resistance from the heart
    Poetry brings hope

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  3. Yes! More Oliver, more Sarton,more Berry…more, more more…

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  4. The idea and the message great, I loved too dear David, we all need more poetry, more than ever… Thank you, Have a nice day, Love, nia

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    could not agree more….

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  8. Yes, now more than ever!

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  9. Hear, hear.

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