Mirror, Mirror, on the…


What doleful thing
man has devised!
Standing before it
means standing before oneself.
One who questions in front of it
at once finds himself questioned.
why is it you have to step backward
in order to move farther inside?

Kikuo Takano, “Mirror” in Like Underground Water: The Poetry of Mid-Twentieth Century Japan


Notes – Poem via Schonwieder (via 1910). Photo: Laura Zalenga


  1. Or, look in the mirror every morning, grin and say “I’m back!”😉

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  2. we have to step away at times, to really see –

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  3. Ummmmm….Need. More. Coffee.

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  4. Reblogged this on O LADO ESCURO DA LUA.

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  5. Because according to a study conducted by The New York Times 83% of us believe they’re above average.

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  6. And may be the 83% will change if we look in the mirror!

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  7. Facing reality is a good thing, it tests the ego’s ability to accept the truth ❣

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  8. I often avoid those kinds of things (mirrors), used for mere necessity. Otherwise I see an old woman looking back, and that’s not who I am.

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  9. Reflective, examination…sometimes some people look to much and get caught up in outer appearance, never taking the time to delve inward to find one’s inner beauty …..one must conquer the past and move forward…I’ve been up for hours (little sleep) and yet to look in the mirror, to tired and I know who I am, a work in progress.

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  10. Imagine if we didn’t have mirrors? I think a lot of our problems might be solved right there. Our self-reflection would only be inward and not based on the illusion in front of us.

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  11. Now I wonder, what will I see, when the person in the mirror, stares back at me.

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  12. Interesting perspective on moving backwards to step further inside….

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