Walking Cross-Town. Without lungs.


4:52 am.
January 19th.
35° F, clear, calm.

Body parts functioning, check.
Smartphone in breast pocket, check.
ID building pass, check.
Nine minutes to first morning train, check.

I step out the door, insert key, turn, and lock the door. There’s a clop clop clop of footsteps on the street. I turn to see Runner. Male, wearing a Miner’s headlamp, his beam illuminating the road.

2003. That’s you. Up, pre dawn: 5 miles Tuesday. 7 miles Wednesday.  4 miles Friday. Hot shower. Off to work.

2017. Walking. A Walker. And walking cross-town on 48th pulsing with Oliver:

But what is it then that sits in my heart,
that breathes so quietly, and without lungs—
that is here, here in this world, and yet not here?

Remembering miles.

Counting steps.

Heavy shoes.

2,733 steps.



  1. So beautiful, and hits my heart too, Memories and years and we are… time runs we change and then everything like a movie screen… You almost took me in thoughts of mine… Thank you dear David, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

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  2. You still log miles…in runs, steps, experiences..

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  3. Reblogged this on O LADO ESCURO DA LUA.

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  4. Keep moving and reflecting DK. That’s all that is required 💛

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  5. You’re still movin’, pal, that’s the main thing. I think you just need to find something that speaks to your heart, that’s fun or that gets you fired up when you think about it. Perhaps a partner would help (either two-footed or four?) One of the reasons I love going to the gym is because I have a little community there–I look forward to seeing my workout buddies (several of whom have become friends outside the gym), and I like the spirit of friendly competition we share–it moves me to ‘kick it’ even when that’s the last thing I feel like doing. Main thing: don’t beat yourself up. Nearly 3,000 steps logged in that one journey–awesome!

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  6. I don’t understand!
    I didn’t get what you’re trying to say this time. Unless that was your intent.
    Writers have the right for that.

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  7. 2003 – 2017 Reflecting on where we have been may look better from this side, but where we are now is perfect too. Heavy steps, light steps doesn’t matter, loving where we are is all that matters! Great reflections Mr K 😎

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  8. Sending kisses, David. ❤

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  9. just fine where you are in the here and now.

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  10. Holy Crap, man, your body has replace every single sell TWICE since 2003. You are not that pre-dawn, gerbil-wheel-spinning, rocket-ship anymore. Watch that poor schlub with the headlamp with compassion, buddy, for all the Life that will hit him in the next 14 years. And fill your lungs with success and relief.

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  11. Oh, man! This is clearly a cry for a four-legged running mate. Would bring you at least half-way back… say to 2010. Did it for me….a miracle.

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