This morning I’m thinking of recounting mine


I heard on the radio that
we creatures have about a billion and a half heartbeats to use.
Voles and birds use theirs fast…
while whales and elephants are slower.
This morning I’m thinking of
recounting mine to see exactly where I am…

~ Jim Harrison, from “Sunday Discordancies” in In Search of Small Gods

Photo: Cover of Pijn via amespeciale


  1. Such a powerful quote. Going in search of the book.

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  2. I don’t think I want to know do you Mr K? 😬

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  3. Slowing mine down right now…

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  4. That stopped me in my tracks…

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  5. i’m kind of glad that math was never my strong suit –

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  6. I won’t be counting. I want to be surprised !

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  7. Yah, I’m good without that kind of insanity (counting). Here. Now. Awake. Aware. ❤

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  8. Mine is 52 when I first wake up and averages 60 during the day — that is, if I remember to take my Bach flower remedies to relax me. If we have a certain amount of heartbeats allocated to us for a lifetime, where does that leave people who do violent exercise? That’s my excuse for not working out, anyway.
    Voles are so cute, as are shrews (do you have those in the US?). Just as well that such creatures are not aware of the passing of time in the same way that we are, so they’ll never know their lives as so short.

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