Go ahead. Draw your feet up a little.


Source: Via New England Journal of Education (1878). Thank you Rob @ The Hammock Papers



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    Good advice from practical New Englanders…

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  2. Delightful!

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  3. There’s usually a way to see the good side! Thank you David. Love this!

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  4. freddiegeorgia says:

    So long as they don’t pass a pleasant fart…and you are sharing the blanket oh too short and small.

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  5. excellent. those who make the changes they need and adapt will survive.

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  6. Crazy – I was about to click off WP and this appears in my reader. I was just having one of my biweekly massages, and I always kick the sheets free from my feet. Which precipitated a conversation about how cold it has been lately, and that I’ve got to wear a sweatshirt to bed, because I don’t like my shoulders covered either. Hmmmm …so I wonder what this says about my approach to life? HaH!!

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  7. There’s always a way. Great reminder 🙏🏻

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  8. I just love this! And yes, delight in the thought that I’m 4’11”..😉 Just kidding – everyone’s blanket is proportional.

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  9. Love this! It’s all in how ya look at things…😉

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  10. christinesat says:

    We’ve had -15 C here last night. I was sleeping with socks. Sometimes drawing up your feet is not enough; you need helpers. I think so is life.

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  11. Stubbornness makes for cold feet. The amenable will find comfort.

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