All dust and flashing hooves


Certainly, being in the moment would seem impossible in our culture’s time-fissioning present, our iPhoned, Facebooked, Googled, Twittered restlessness, our desperate fear of missing the latest morsel of information, our attention never more than a nanosecond from seduction — our discontinuous, du jour present, a Smithsonian so densely packed with experiential exhibits that no lingering look, no settled examination, seems permitted. No sooner do we settle into a moment than another gallops by, all dust and flashing hooves.

~ Jerry DeNuccio, from “A Moment.” Just as you’re ”in” the moment, another moment comes. What to do?. 

Notes: Quote – Thank you Beth at Alive on All Channels. Photo: Richard Baxter (Harcourt, Australia) with Spirit Dance



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  2. How to slow down the gallop…?

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  3. yup. so true! ❤
    Diana xo

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  4. Thank you, Dave, for these words worth a lingering look and for turning me on to Alive on All Channels. Happy holidays.

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  5. Guilty as charged.

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  6. Is this even healthy?? :0)

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  7. it’s important to come to a full stop at times, so that we don’t miss things.

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  8. Even horses stop to eat and nourish themselves. Its a good place to start for galloping humans.
    They also sleep standing up, but I wouldn’t recommend that 😉

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  9. But sometimes it’s pixie dust, not dust dust. How does one get enough pixie (magic) dust?

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  10. So true!

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  11. mhuckabee1 says:

    Go to Netflix now and watch the documentary “The Minimalists”. You’ll thank me.

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