Walk on By

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  1. Jordan Richardson says:

    I like her and I like this. Thanks and happy Friday, what’s left of it.

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  2. Kevin Byrnes says:

    Love it

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  3. We really like her music. Talented lady.

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  4. i’ve always loved her and her voice. i really like this version of this song –

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  5. Love….

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  6. Nice smooth way to open up my morning. I hadn’t listened to her music in quite awhile, thanks for renewing her back into my playlist.

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  7. A famous Canadian singer. She is great!

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  8. Her voice is like warm honey….

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  9. Beautiful.
    Thank you for an introduction to another special singer. 🙂

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  10. Peggy Farrell says:

    Finally had a chance to listen to this. I prefer her version, to the original.

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  1. […] via Walk on By — Live & Learn […]

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