Own up.


No chance.
No chance 93% didn’t lie.

Source: NY Times Magazine


    Laughing so hard I might cough out my lungs.
    And this is NOT a lie.

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  2. I would as long as my knows grow a tiny bit like Pinocchio.

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  3. Absolutely not. I am too old to lie. At my age we pretty much tell it like it is. It’s a freeing feeling. :o)

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  4. I’m with Sawsan.
    ps its too early here for the lies to begin…. give it time! lol 🙂

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  5. SHE is with Sawsan!
    Still laughing…

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  6. There is a star by my name in the book of liars.

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  7. Not yet, but it’s only 10:30. Give me time.

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  8. Yes, ‘lie’ is one of those terms thought of subjectively. But I agree, most people lie in some form or another, likely every day. 😉

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