This is your brain. This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?


A mind fed on words such as heaven, earth, dew, essence, cinnabar, moonlight, stillness, jade, pearl, cedar, and winter plum is likely to have a serenity not to be found in minds ringing with the vocabulary of the present age–computer, tractor, jumbo jet, speedball, pop, dollar, liquidation, napalm, overkill! Who would thrill at the prospect of rocketing to the moon in a billion-dollar spacecraft if he knew how to summon a shimmering gold and scarlet dragon at any time of the day or night and soar among the stars?

John Blofeld, What Words Does Your Mind Feed on? “Taoism: The Road to Immortality” (Shambhala, August 8, 2000)




  1. Archana Lakhotia says:

    Very true… Add “cell phone” to the list. I hope coming generations can enjoy the kind of childhood we fortunate enough to enjoy!

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  2. How I love this! My cognitive behavior therapist appears – we feel what we think, not vice versa. I’m thinking, coffee, starlight, magical, wondrous and DayQuil (😉I’ve got a cold)

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  3. Back in the day and I mean many, many years ago, we traveled in books. It was our way of escaping the mundane world. Our parents even encouraged it. No TV, no phone, no computer. We did however produce puppet shows and make up some fantastic stories or at times we put a show on and charged a penny per person. Candy money.
    Now….the internet. Amazing. :o)

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  4. love this–see a column coming on…..

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  5. Reblogged this on On the Homefront and commented:
    home, comfort,magic,sugar plums…..

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  6. This is the essence of the moment.

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  7. We are the last generation fed on these magic words.
    Pearls are no more to be found. Shells, here and there hiding there Nacre lined side.

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  8. It is amazing how language and the words we choose creates a mood and mindset. There is also a cadence and tone that goes along with it. So interesting. I’m mentoring some yoga teachers right now on the use of language and how it can create a mood and hold space for students to have a particular experience.
    Thanks for sparking the grey cells David 💛

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  9. yes. this made me cry.

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  10. I agree with Sawsan. All these distractions and busy new words, now hide our Nacre, our soul purpose, our peace. 🙏🏻

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  11. I feel so sad for the young people, who have missed out on the carefree (though not perfect) type of childhood many of us were lucky enough to have enjoyed playing outdoors.
    To be honest – I would feel ripped off, if my memories of my childhood …. were mainly of Computers, tech games, ipads. The younger people may not know any different than what they have experienced.
    We know better.

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  12. Good quote, looks like something similar to alchemical philosophical principles.

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