Running. With Beats.


It’s all incomprehensible, really, including my pitiful attempt to explain it, akin to Brickell’s grasping of a single drop of rain in a thunderstorm.

The tide rushes in under the bridge. The moon, while aging on its 4.5 billionth birthday, remains stout in its efforts and its consistency. It leans in causing the oceans to swell – high tide here, low tide below me on the other side. The other side that is, China. Digging to China with a plastic shovel, scooping wet dirt on a beach in August, so many years ago in youth, yet the cool gritty sand remains on the fingertips.

A brilliant October sunrise. Mechanical in its efficiency, spectacular in its beauty. None exactly the same, this one never to be seen again.

The wind gusts. Leaves scatter from a large red maple, burning, on fire. Seasons pass orderly one after the other, slower than page turns, but they turn, ever so gently one to the next.

A flock of birds overhead, a flourish of wings. Mexico bound? Now, exactly right Now is the time to depart, packing their things, heading south, without GPS or Waze.

And then, there’s the Beats. Chin described it as all having to do with the number of beats, the life our body can hold, the number of single heart beats we are assigned, all determined by an unknown power cascading over the earth.

Yep, just another ordinary Sunday morning run.


Give me Beats, many more Beats.


Inspired by:

Do you think there is anything not attached by its unbreakable cord to everything else? Plant your peas and your corn in the field when the moon is full, or risk failure. This has been understood since planting began. The attention of the seed to the draw of the moon is, I suppose, measurable, like the tilt of the planet. Or, maybe not— maybe you have to add some immeasurable ingredient made of the hour, the singular field, the hand of the sower.

~ Mary Oliver, from “Upstream” in Upstream: Selected Essays





  1. Indeed, indeed…many, many more beats. It is all so astonishing, when one stops to be astounded.

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  2. Yes. All one giant, incredible mystery. You comment reminds me of these words from a Greek Philosopher so long ago:

    “We are only born once – twice is not allowed – and it is necessary that we shall be no more, for all eternity; and yet you, who are not master of tomorrow, you keep putting off your joy?”

    ~ Epicurus (341 BC – 270 BC)

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  3. Let’s hope we age as well as the moon, no matter how many beats the hand of the sower gives! Beautiful writing Mr K 🙏🏻

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  4. Inspiring and inspired, David.

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  5. Banging hard on the ‘like’ button, hoping fervently that it turns into ‘love.’ So good to be reminded of the marvel of it all and how precious each day really is when all I’ve been thinking of late is, ‘Pass faster, days, let’s get through this maelstrom we’re in at the moment.’ Beautiful, DK, absolutely beautiful….and as Mimi said, wishing you many more beats.

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  6. I never really “meditate”, not the conventional way at least.
    Reading this felt like saying a prayer, like meditating.

    Thank you! BEAUTIFUL…

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  7. roseanne333 says:

    David, I echo Sawsan’s words above. This reads like a meditation. We must constantly be reminded to not take one day, one minute, for granted. Thank you for these beautiful words.

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  8. Quanta inspiração!

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  9. Maybe the most beautiful ode to an appreciative life on this earth, I’ve had the pleasure to read.

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  10. Gimme more beats too – love this post David. ❤
    Diana xo

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  11. Very nice, David. I read the post about the poet, Justin Chin, and that he was only 46 when he died. Life is precious.

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  12. A wonderful ode to living. DK. Let the beat play on 😉

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  13. here’s to many, many more beats –

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  14. Can’t add much more than to say you’ve stopped my morning for a moment to fill up on this beauty.

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  15. Dave, another great piece of writing…as to the beats, you keep filling those with passion, gratefulness, your trademark optimism & joy … as I say, each breath is a gift and we have no idea how many we will be graced with…so keep wonderfully contributing to life, surround yourself with love, words, music and enjoy the grace, beauty and stillness of this gift of life…

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  16. It is in those fleeting moments we see the beauty of life and sense the miracle of it all. The bigger beat.

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  17. Absolutely brilliant! Beautiful 🙂

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