Good Morning


Source: Flickr NASA HQ: The Orbital ATK Antares rocket, with the Cygnus spacecraft onboard, stands on Launch Pad 0A at sunrise at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Va. (Bill Ingalls/NASA / Getty Images)


  1. stunning.

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  2. Truly amazing, I too noticed the birds, I wonder what they think. :o)


  3. I’m in Virginia and I raced home last night so I could see the rocket launch from our house. It was pretty cool to watch — a bright star on the horizon going slowly upward. But, it wasn’t as beautiful as this photo!

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  4. The juxtaposition of some of our newest technology with some of our oldest living “dinosaurs” and our source of life on this planet, the sun, leaves me in very deep thought.

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  5. Grounded yet constantly striving for distance realms. Very cool photo….

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  6. Great photograph!

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