TRUTH: Canada to you.

Check out what some Canadians are saying about what’s happening down south.

Thank you Lori!


  1. Awww, thanks Canada 🇨🇦

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  2. David, this TOTALLY took me off-guard. I expected a bash of ‘what the *(&^%$ is going on down there?” and I got teary versus weary. Thanks for sharing, and caring enough to send something gorgeous, inspiring, and well, just simply LOVELY.

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  3. Why am I not feeling “really great”? But I DO appreciate the confidence in us. :0}

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  4. Awesome! Thank you Canadian peeps for your openness and focus on what the US is really about.
    I too was surprised that there was no negative comments about the political scene right now.
    This confirms that you are more evolved than my homeland of Scotland. They seem to be stuck in a “what the f___” reaction. May we all take a leaf out of the Canadian book of tolerance and appreciation of what works. 🙏😎💛

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  5. Canadians are classy 🙂

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  6. Ah, my home and native land!! xoxo

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  7. Back to you Canada: Best World Music Album SUBCONTINENTAL DRIFT – Sultans of String on the Grammy Ballot. This is an amazing group!

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  8. With Prime Minister Trudeau runnng the show, I’m not surprised by this gorgeous attitude. My sister was in Canada for 6 weeks in June and she could not believe how open, friendly and generous the Canadians were. I’m going back for a long visit. 🙂

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    Thank you, Canada!!


  10. let’s be great…one nation under God again ..Indivisible …hey!

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  11. Anonymous says:

    As a “new” American, I love all the wonderful things these sincere Canadians enumerated about the USA. Thank you.

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  12. I heard about this video on the radio yesterday…and cried. Came home and immediately pulled it up on YouTube to watch…and cried. I was so moved by the warmth and generosity of this message in these bleak times…was awfully nice to hear from folks who can still see the good in us in the midst of this bruising period….

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  13. thanks, canada. you are so kind and compassionate, as always –

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  14. Thank you Canada, I think you are great too. You made my day and give me hope. :o)

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  15. Thanks for this. I think Canada is pretty great too.

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  16. A great share. We may have our problems but they are not to take away from all that we have.

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  17. The USA has always been blessed to have such neighborly neighbors. Thank you, Canada! We’re proud to call you our friend.

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