The Morning Call!


Source: Your Eyes Blaze Out


  1. Woohoo!

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  2. I’m ready!!

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  3. I’m getting ready!

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  4. bring it.

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  5. Well apparently it’s coming down under too! 🙃

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  6. Is this a Donald Trump reference?…. Just asking.

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  7. it is coming so i guess it is time to get ready

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  8. I don’t get it!!!

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    We are all waiting!!


  10. My father loved Charlie Brown, et al, this also includes the one most over looked and that is Woodstock…we had a little niece who always seemed to have a dirty face…Grandma and me were always quick with a wash cloth. When she was not visiting, she was referred to as the cute little pig pen…//Some where a few years back I saw or read something about Charles Schultz…he’d gone to his High School graduation and went to the registration table and said his name is Charles Schulz, the person at the table said who, he repeats his name, the person at the table said no, you are not…he was serious, too. Sounds like Mr Schulz let it slide… /// I know a syndicated cartoonist and she used one of the local school teachers in her strip, and that teacher is a friend of mine…waw waw. A copy of the strip hung in the school office.//? I have another friend and his is a great(imho) cartoonist and has been published often…he shows me often what he is working on, as it is on his tablet…it is fun to see how it progress…

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  11. My male friend the cartoonist is a fabulous actor as well…he is a former Art Director for a Canadian magazine, I think based out of Toronto…one of our mutual friends who has since passed away was also an amazing actor (his death was very hard on me) he told me of his adventures, too …he was in a very famous TV commercial, a few movies and some parts in TV shows.

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  12. Love fall!

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