Monday Morning: Echo, echo, echo…


I want to write a poem
as simple as a glass of water
or as a piece of bread abandoned
on the table by a child
A poem transparent like a window
light like a winged ingot of lead and
yet heavy like butterflies among city lorries
A poem wrought of invisible words
Whose echo is heard for some hundreds of years
Murmuring like a river, forever.

Stefan Baciu, “Stylus,” trans. Robert Austerlitz, Poetry Northwest

Notes: Poem Source: Memory’s Landscape.  Photo: philippe conquet with mem 52



  1. then write a poem with love with heart with soul…

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  2. I would like to write a poem like Mary Oliver or Wendell Berry 🌻

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  3. Monday morning echoes should be less demanding, and lovely in their own right…like ‘coffee, coffee, coffee’…

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  4. I felt myself too, in this poetical mourning touches… so beautiful dear David, Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

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  5. Exactly…. 🙂

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  6. my children and grandchildren and beyond are the poems that i’ll leave behind and will continue to echo forever.

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  7. that is true and beautiful … very pleased with these words

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  1. UsEveryday says:

    […] via Monday Morning: Echo, echo, echo… — Live & Learn […]

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