Charles Osgood


LC: …You are now widely considered among one of the legends, certainly were to me growing up.

Charles: That has its advantages and disadvantages. There’s no joy in winding this up. But there has been a lot of joy in it. There has been a lot of happy memories associated with it.  And they all have to do with the people you work with. And also has to do with the people who are watching, because you really feel it’s all for them.

LC: Do you feel satisfied with this long career?

Charles: No. (laughing). Well, it’s just one of those things that if you enjoy something, you want to keep doing it, and you don’t want it to ever end, ever.  Most people find it hard to imagine that you regard this as work. It’s not really work, it is really a joy.

Charles Osgood, 83, retires from CBS Sunday Morning after 22 years.

And here’s Charles Osgood singing on his 80th birthday


  1. Aww! Brings back fond memories. My late wife and I enjoyed the program immensely when it first launched with Charles Curralt. We continued the Sunday Morning tradition with breakfast in bed until her passing. The program “eased you” into Sunday, educated you, enchanted you, comforted you, and entertained you (with no “shouting”, yelling, or obnoxious music). Thanks for sharing and evoking lovely memories.

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  2. My Sunday mornings just won’t feel complete. Though he has earned his retirement.

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  3. Charles Osgood and CBS Sunday Morning has been a wonderful tradition at my home for 20+ years. (Remember he followed Charles Kuralt who was also wonderful!) What a class guy and what a classy show they had this past Sunday. Thank you for the memories!

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  4. yes, and how wonderful –

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  5. He is a Joy…I read that he retired and that Smithsonian is being gifted his bow tie! They mentioned that they do not yet know who will take over his Job…I thought that you, Dave full of Joy, intellect, care, well read, well traveled, great sense of humor, curious, an amazing writer and so well rounded …you are such a natural & would be a great fit…ever thought of a career change?

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  6. Finding joy in work is a real blessing and I’m glad he found joy in his profession for so many years.

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  7. A cherished part of my Sunday morning routine…how lucky to have been able to equate work and joy. And now I wish him joy and more joy.

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  8. Osgood’s gentle baritone has marked the start of my Sunday mornings for such a long time. Truly a legend….

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  9. Finding the joy.
    Sharing it.
    In small, large or….another way.
    But A-way.
    Giving it a way.

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