Indulging in Easy


I relish those spontaneous times when I decide to stroll with my wife and dog through the park near our home in Amsterdam. Or when I take time to read a novel for fun. Or when I stop for a lovely glass of wine along an outdoor cafe along the canal because it seems like the thing to do. How about just taking time to take time?

Ah, the infinite moments to enjoy, presented to us on the conveyor belt of our existence….

There are times when making no sense makes sense. Just being, hanging out, following the whim, the momentary inclination. How long can you indulge yourself, though, purely, without hesitation, doubt, or a troubled thought about what it should be troubled about…?

Stop! Do something else. Do nothing. Try it. Anything. It’s not about our doing.

~ David Allen, from Indulging in Easy

Note: Photo via Mennyfox55


  1. I so love this, the message and it’s importance. I love the white space in this photo too! It evokes that space we all need – this time-taking to restore and rejuvenate and reconnect (w/self and others…). Closing out the work part of a full and busy day, this hits home!

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  2. Does this go for the retired folks like me?

    I love the idea of it. :o)

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  3. A perfect space to be in! We all need reminding. 🙏🏻

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  4. living, breathing, meditation.

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  5. Would that being easy, was easy…

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  6. WMS…why is it so hard to give ourselves permission to revel in whatever we would like, which is sometimes nothing at all! Last weekend I found myself sitting on a lake, watching the show as Mother Nature ‘shut down a day.’ I felt the tears welling at the beauty of it all and was struck by how absorbing and utterly magical it could be to just sit, smell, watch, listen, BE. Need to do that more…

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  7. I love doing so often and love it. Though mind plays game, fores me to do this or that.

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