Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


My goal has not been reached; but I am practicing. I don’t yet know when I shall succeed in learning not to write; the obsession, the obligation are half a century old. My right little finger is slightly bent; that is because the weight of my hand always rested on it as I wrote, like a kangaroo leaning back on its tail. There is a tired spirit deep inside of me that still continues its gourmet’s quest for a better word, and then for a better one still.

~ Gabrielle Colette (1873-1954), shortly before her death at the age of 81 from “Earthly Paradise: An Autobiography of Colette Drawn from Her Lifetime Writings”

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  1. A kindred spirit!

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  2. i completely understand this –

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  3. I understand this, applaud Colette, and thank her for inspiring me further. I’m off to learn more about this kindred soul.

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  4. Wonderful writing. And she describes my kangaroo finger very eloquently too.

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  5. She’s right. Writing is an obsession!

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  6. There is something in her eyes,
    Captivating, that look of knowing.

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  7. To always have a beginners mind. That is a gift. It is a life time of practice as she says. 🙏🏻

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  8. “Learning not to write. ” I hope I never figure that one out.

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