3:45 A.M.: Yes, all that.


I need solitude.
I need space.
I need air.
I need the empty fields round me;
and my legs pounding along roads;
and sleep;
and animal existence.

~ Virginia Woolf, from The Diary of Virginia Woolf

Notes: Poem – thank you Beth (again) on Alive on all Channels. Photo: Mennyfox55




  1. 3:45Am…. What a Delightful time of the day!
    Just, peachy. LOL it sees me all too regularly as well. 🙂

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  2. breathing in the real world

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  3. Describes you perfectly 😊

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  4. Geez – that was me last night. (Only light on in the neighbourhood to boot!)

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  5. At 3:45 our needs get real basic real fast.

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  6. This collection of words, placed just so by another woman, is me.

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  7. The writers needs lol

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  8. Some of the necessary elements of life…and spot on when in needed state of solitude…how fortunate we are, who have the privilege of time in, solitude.

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  9. Lindo!

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  10. At 3:45? I’m dead to the world.

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  11. Reblogged this on Guidelinestotragedy.

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