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Source: rakham-lerouge and Anshealin Sketching Machine (via nini poppins)



  1. Heartbroken and overwhelmed …enough – when will it stop😔

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  2. Looks like the U.S. after the election. Sad….

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  3. Om mani padme hum – compassion and love to everyone. 🙏🏻😢

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  4. very, very sad

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  5. Yes, enough… when will the peace come… why doesn’t stop! I am so sad and my heart with France today, I pray for all these people… Love, nia

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  6. I’m beyond – sad. Beyond words.
    I want to say…. when?
    but, I cringe and break. then, reform and shout. STOP IT!
    but I haven’t said a word.

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    Over and over and over! Why? Why? #JeSuisNice ….

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  8. Where does this hate come from? Peace please.

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  9. It seems like we can no longer get through a week without news of carnage somewhere in the world. For the life of me, I do not understand the thought process that elicits or justifies such actions. It’s heartbreaking, saddening, sickening, all the emotions that others have described. But how, how, how do we make it stop?….

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  10. Too sad.


  11. Christie says:

    The path of freedom once again marred by the purposeful, injurious evil of some tainted, murderous group…seeking to continually, terrorize…and the innocent, victims injured and many deaths…the actions of the murderous group leaves such a wake of loss…and we all must stand tall, strong and united against these barbaric acts against the innocent…I think of how France gifted the United States of America with the Statue of Liberty and the Impact that Symbol has had to millions…Strength, Hope, Promise, Unity and Freedom…a Life is to be Valued …Freedom not taken for Granted…and we must Stop the proliferation of Evil…Good people around the world outnumber the Evil Ones…Please prayer for our world, for the people who hurt, who live in fear and those who have lost hope…”United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

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  12. Christie says:

    and we all must stand tall, strong and united against** these barbaric acts against the innocent…**We must find a solution to stopping the hatred the group has against any not like them…

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