Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call: A dream can weigh more than iron


And then there were the poets, those unbelievable people so different from other men, who told anyone who would listen that a wish is more important than a fortune, and that a dream can weigh more than iron or steel. What nerve they had, those poets, but how right they were! Everything, they said, comes from inside us, passes through things outside and then goes back in. And that to them is the meaning of life, feeling, understanding, love.

~ Jacques Lusseyran, And There Was Light: The Extraordinary Memoir of a Blind Hero of the French Resistance in World War II

Notes: Photograph: philippe conquet with Pas 5.  Related Posts: Jacques Lusseyran


  1. “..a wish is worth more important than a fortune…a dream can weigh more than iron”…How magnificent. How true.

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  2. Ah yes!

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  3. WMS, and I love the idea of feelings and ideas moving out from us, passing through other things and then moving back into us….

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  4. I’m speechless caught off guard

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  5. Profound. The blind can see beyond the view. :o)

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  6. Yes,
    What nerve they have?
    Their Spears are wicked, they travel the furthest.
    The wine they dip their spear heads in is made of our souls.

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  7. Another magical moment.

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  8. absolutely –


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