I distrust the perpetually busy; always have.
The frenetic ones spinning in tight little circles like poisoned rats.
The slower ones, grinding away their fourscore and ten in righteousness and pain.
They are the soul-eaters.

~ Mark Slouka, excerpt from Quitting the Paint Factory

Art: Hélène Boutanos, illustrator from Paris, France.



  1. indeed

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  2. Tracey Carnahan says:

    Sometimes being perpetually busy, for a time anyway, is all that keeps us from worrying ourselves into total inaction. I survived a difficult period by cutting my lawn…and all of my neighbors’ lawns, too. It got me through.

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  3. Soul eaters sounds a bit ominous .. What else did he say?

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  4. Me too David! ❤
    Diana xo

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  5. You see, and this is why people need the APP to help them breathe and slow down ha! 🙂

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  6. sometimes it’s good to just jump off the merry-go-round

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