Saturday, June 18th. I want –


“…June 18th. I want –

Time, leisure to draw and study a few things closely by feeling, not thinking – to get at things.

I want laughter, its satisfaction and balance and wide security.

I want a chance to play, to do things I choose just for the joy of doing, for no purpose of advancement.

To understand patiently the laws of growing things. I feel there is no time for these because I am driven by the crowd, filling my days with earning money, and keeping up with friends – like a ping-pong ball.”

~ Marion Milner, A Life of One’s Own (Originally published in 1934)



  1. And the health to want it, and do it…

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  2. “just for the joy of doing”…perfect.

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  3. yes, to all of that –

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  4. I know the feeling D: Beautifully expressed.

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  5. Peggy Farrell says:

    Maybe not so surprising to find similarities…. The country was trying to recover from the Great Depression.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Exactly what I want too! …. after this awful week!!

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    To study things closely by feeling, not thinking.

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  8. Very well said! The longing for rest…

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  9. And to think Marion was struggling with this in 1934. This 24/7/365 world of hyper connectivity we now inhabit would have given her a run for the money…. That said, her struggles resonate.

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  10. Was this your Father’s Day wish? Did you get it?

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