To your health. Drink up.

“Keaton Henson, 28, is an English folk rock musician, visual artist and poet from London. Henson suffers from anxiety and, as a result, he rarely plays concerts. In his video ‘To Your Health’ Henson uses ballet dancer Elizabeth Harrod to add his inner expression as well as visual tone to the song during which he sits performing as a removed and out of focus figure. Whilst this may be construed as a reflection of his inhibitions the results are beautiful.”

If you liked this, don’t miss Keaton Henson in “You.”

Quote Sources: FRUK and Wiki.


  1. That was beautiful – both the music and the dancing. Near the end of the clip you can even hear her ballet shoes tapping on the floor.

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  2. Fantastic!

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  3. Beautiful. ❤
    Diana xo

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  4. So many beautiful talented Artists suffer from anxiety about who they are. He has an amazing gift. Heartfelt.

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  5. She represents his art so well.

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  6. Wow.


  7. the perfect marriage of arts

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  8. Absolutely beautiful, she’s like a butterfly! What a way to calm performance anxiety!! 🙂

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  9. Loved this. Adversity makes us Do It Different. Henson feels like a Traveling Companion.

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