35 Seconds of Silence


  1. oldpoet56 says:
  2. Heartbreaking..

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  3. powerful 35.

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  4. Both my father and grandfather were in the Army. My grandfather fought in WWII. I have seen a soldier’s life through through service. However, looking back, they kept us safe but the wars they fought in were unnecessary loss of life and nation’s money.

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    • Thank you for sharing your perspective Ravi.

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      • Thanks David. Am sorry if I came across as angry/rude in my above comment. I understand defending one’s country if attacked. I just despise wars. I was influenced by Arthur Miller’s All My Sons growing up which formed my outlook towards wars.

        You have a good blog. I read and like your posts, though I don’t comment often.
        Please continue your good writing. You write well.

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        • Ravi, you did not come across rude. I have so many mixed perspectives on the topic. Those that have died in service, and the surviving families, have my undivided respect. War, is evil. Period. Thank you for the kind words and your followership. Appreciate it very much.


  5. Moved.

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