It’s been a long day


You have been given questions to which you cannot be given answers.
You will have to live them out – perhaps a little at a time.’
And how long is that going to take?’
I don’t know. As long as you live, perhaps.’
That could be a long time.’
I will tell you a further mystery,’ he said. ‘It may take longer.”

~ Wendell Berry, Jayber Crow: A Novel



  1. It might indeed…

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  2. it is entirely possible –

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  3. creepy, beautiful photo….

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  4. Which way are her feet pointing?

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  5. Wow, the female version of Atlas. Gotta be honest, pal, this image and verse pairing brought me right down. Womp, womp… A long day, indeed. Hope today is brighter! 😊

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  6. Oh…no. And I know you know what I mean. And, yeah, there actually seem to be even more questions these days.

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