Sunday Morning


Feb. 23rd. One day I’ll make a list of points of conflict with the herd. One is – ‘They’ assume that what happens is what matters, where you go, what you do, things that happen, the good time that you have. But often I believe it’s none of these things, it’s the times between, the long days when nothing happens, the odd moments, perhaps when you open a letter, or sit alone in a restaurant, or exchange the time of day with a stranger…. Actually this was not the first time I had had an idea of this sort for on January 6th I had put: Possibly the thing that matters, that you are looking for, is like the roots of plants, hidden and happening in the gaps of your knowledge.

~ Marion Milner, A Life of One’s Own (Originally published in 1934)

Notes: Photograph by masLucena


  1. yes, the in-betweens are it.

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  2. The “Who You Are” moments, not the “What You Dos.”

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  3. Hmmm…Never thought of it that way. Pondering the idea. Feels very peaceful.

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    On this special Sunday morning ….

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  5. Life is rooted in the gaps if our awareness 💛

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  6. Thats cool. i used to tell my kids, when we went shopping for flowers and garden vegetables to plant, that we weren’t buying leaves and flowers, we were buying roots. and that the key was the dirt. We spent more money and time on dirt than we did on plants.

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  7. I agree, David. It’s the unspoken, intangible whisper of moments that really matter and we can miss them, if we’re only paying attention to the other physical things that make the most demands and noise.

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