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A montage of customer-shot photos and videos using the iPhone, united thematically by the idea of mothers and their children. (Source:


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    So lovely …. Mother’s Day!!

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  2. Sweet.

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  3. Lovely tribute for mothers – is it that time again already?!! 🙂 We celebrate Mothers Day in March in England.

    It’s amazing what good photos and video you can get from a cameraphone now….and so much easier to carry with you. I’m still quite new to the android phone (didn’t think I really needed one) I have to keep reminding myself I’ve got a camera and video camera on me at all times. If anyone had said to me many years ago “One day you’ll be taking pictures and video with your phone” I would have had real difficulty in understanding how! 😀

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  4. Peggy Farrell says:

    Lovely, Dave.

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  5. 1) I am a mother! 2) I use my phone for most all my pictures. 3) I look forward to your pics!

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  6. Reminds me! Last Sunday, whilst at our regular social dance, my man’s phone rang. It was his mother questioning him as to why he hadn’t called her. Seems she thought it was Mother’s Day! He said: If you think it is Mother’s Day, then I will wish you Happy Mother’s Day; however, I will be calling you next Sunday, too, to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. He laughed, and had a smile from ear to ear for the afternoon. We kept smiling knowingly at each other. I’m sure she will be feeling quite ’embarrassed’ by her faux par. Yes, she has all her faculties! Just seems she was a week early!!!

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  7. A ‘love’ tutor would help…and a Kleenex

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  8. An incredible bond, no matter the place or age. Delightful….

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  9. wonderful. i’m a big fan of moms and children.

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  10. Sniff, sniff. Photos very special. Paired with the music and lyrics, right to the heart of the matter. ❤

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