It’s been a long day


Sleep comes its little while. Then I wake
in the valley of midnight or three a.m.
to the first fragrances of spring

which is coming, all by itself, no matter what.
My heart says, what you thought you have you do not have.
My body says, will this pounding ever stop?

~ Mary Oliver, from “An Old Story,” A Thousand Mornings



  1. Today has indeed been a long day. Strange day, for no particular reason. But the red winged blackbirds are claiming their territory, the rain is bringing the grass back to life, and tomorrow is another day.

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  2. May Caleb’s morning breath restore you.

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  3. Sorry, I can’t stay on topic with this one. When I saw the picture, the first thing I thought of was an ostrich from behind. If it hadn’t been for the hand…. Imagine the hand is an ostrich head instead and you’ll see what I mean. (still giggling)

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  4. yet again so exactly what is going on…. from the long long day(s) to the 3 am awakening and “will the pounding never stop?” Desperate hours of trying to still the breathing and the mind, sinking into the mattress only to find …the pounding starting again…

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  5. Oliver nails it again, as she always does….

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  6. ‘sleep comes its little while.’ yes

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  7. … and then we get up and go to the can.

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