Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Let’s Go.




  1. She warms up, steps back from the plate, eyes the crowd, and then lets fly (Ok, M, teed up for you…)


  2. Hahahaha – thanks for that

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  3. Cute mommy-baby photo.
    It’s mother’s day where I come from today.
    Happy mother’s day to all the mothers in your life David.

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  4. just follow along, and make your way to the train.

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  5. A very brave photographer…even in a vehicle, I would be hesitant to approach a mother rhino.

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  6. Lovely! Got completely lost in his portfolio. Thanks for sharing, David.

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  7. I had to go to this photographer’s site and load up my Pinterest boards.

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  8. This is proof we will all end up turning into our parents! 😀

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