It’s been a long day

Elif Sanem Karakoç

But remember that you have to move on,
You just pick your head up
and stare at something beautiful
like the sky or the ocean,
you move the hell on.

— James Patterson, Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas.




  1. And remember, there is no place to go but a better one! :0)

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  2. Yes, it has been a very long day,
    2 days in one.
    Considering it’s only 8 pm here, there is room for another day to squeeze itself in.

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  3. breathe.

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  4. Okay

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  5. Jordan Richardson says:

    “Move the hell on…”

    And that, friends, is living. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  6. My week to a T–just keep putting one foot in front of the other and march toward Friday…

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  7. Yes. Full stop.

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  8. Yes. And breathing helps.

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  9. christinesat says:

    Uhh. That was my everyday rule for the last week. Just move on. Don’t stop when you’re standing on shattered glass.

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  10. Amen, Dave. Get your rear in gear!

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  11. We all need to read this in times of stress! It is the truth. 🙂

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