Source: alinellaaa with Mandarin Orange




  1. hoping its not too filling, David. 🙂

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  2. You keep doin’ those 7 milers and you’re gonna need more than that!

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  3. Peel it or gulp it down

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  4. i love the simplicity and beauty of this.

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  5. Looks good enough to eat.

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  6. Like life.
    A slice.
    Just the one…

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  7. Gorgeous photography! Just another path I wish I could take..and sometimes do..but my plate is already overfull.

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  8. That made me think of the Emperor Nero lying on his divan, saying, “Peel me another grape.”

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  9. I love how it looks bigger than life and gets the juices going.
    Of course, it may actually be 10 inches long, 5 high and 3 deep …
    In which case, its worth the peeling 😊

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  10. Beautiful shot. I love mandarins 🙂

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