Saturday Morning


…(She) would (not) wake up at six in the morning
to make coffee and hand the cup lovingly to her husband:
instead, (she) would stay in bed,
curled up under the comforter,
hair tangled, skin warm,
purring with pleasure.

~ Maylis de Kerangal, The Heart: A Novel


  • Photo: Roger Ballen
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  • Quote Passage is modified from original: (She) and (not) are insertions and (she) replaced (they)


  1. The Heart: The novel sounds like a very emotive read, David. A box of tissues sounds needed.
    As for Saturday morning: Is there a wistfulness in your voice? Isn’t a purring pussy-cat better than a resentful Queen? Have I missed something?

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  2. Another great photo!


  3. This can only mean one thing….it’s time for a run! Grab Zeke, lace up those PF Flyers and get out there, man! The world (OK *I*) need another running post! 😋

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  4. i love to wake up slow –

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  5. This photo, and the photo within the photo on the wall.
    Interesting changes you made there 🙂

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  6. This room looks pretty bleak, bed not so cozy (no quilt or nice pillow), but the cat makes up for a lot. All the warm and fuzzy feelings are transferring from the cat to the person in bed.

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