Button Fly In a Cage



“South Korean, New York-based artist Ran Hwang uses buttons from the fashion industry to create large-scale, often immersive installations. Ran Hwang borrows materials from the fashion industry and create large iconic figures such as a Buddha with a cherry blossom growing from its head. In other works, a traditional vase simultaneously connotes both fullness and emptiness and a wingless bird trapped in a prison cell can no longer fly.”  Find Ran Hwang’s other art works at her website here.

Source: Your Eyes Blaze Out



  1. From conception to execution, people’s creativity never ceases to amaze me. Very cool.

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  2. Amazing. I so love unique art like this!

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  3. This is awesome!

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  4. People amaze me…I’ll never look at a button in the same way again. I envy such creativity..

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  5. what artists can create with ideas and imagination, always fills me with inspiration and motivation!

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  6. intense – and i love the unlimited vision that people have

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  7. Stunning!! Genius..lyrical…

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  8. Very, very cool!!

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  9. I like this piece of art…a few years ago I was at an gallery opening and one of the artist had phenomenal pieces in which thousand of black fly wings were the medium…created some interesting shadowing and depth…painstaking precision…that amazed me.

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